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Typhochlaena seladonia 2FH, 3FH
Typhochlaena seladonia 2FH, 3FH


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Lowest price: €82.80
Avicularia purpurea 1/2FH (Purple Pink Toe)
Avicularia purpurea 1/2FH (Purple Pink Toe)


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Lowest price: €18.92
Nhandu carapoensis 2FH (	Brazilian Red) (1)
Nhandu carapoensis 2FH ( Brazilian Red) (1)


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Mystery BOX + SILVER
Mystery BOX + SILVER


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Lowest price: €59.14

1. On what days are parcels shipped?
From Monday to Wednesday. The shipping time is from 3 to 7 days

2. Is it possible to send a COD package?
Unfortunately not

3. Is it possible to send the spider to a parcel locker?
No, because it is a big risk - in winter it keeps you cool, in summer it gets very hot

4. Is it possible to make stationary purchases in your store?
Yes, although a telephone or online order with a pick-up arrangement will facilitate the handling and fulfillment process

5. Do we send parcels abroad?
Yes, we ship - to place such an order, you need to change the website language to English

6. When was the last time the spider was fed before shipping?
Usually each spider was fed a few days before shipment

7. Why won't the spider eat?
There can be many reasons, he may not be hungry or close to molting. If the abdomen is larger than the carapace, there is no reason to worry. Please continue to try to give food once a week, leaving the food overnight (clean up in the morning or take a live insect). If you notice signs of an approaching molt - do not give food (especially live!)

8. What was the spider fed in the kennel?/How often should the spider be fed?

We feed small spiders mainly with mealworms and turkish cockroach brood. Larger - wood-eater larvae and crickets

9. My spider arrived dead. What to do?
Please contact us as soon as possible and send a photo to with your order number and your name.

10. Will the spider survive the shipment? Is it properly secured?
Shipments are properly secured. We have extensive experience in shipping in various conditions. If we determine that the shipment is a high risk, we will contact you and postpone the shipment to a safe period (mainly this happens when the temperature is below -10*C or above +30*C)

11. At what stage can the sex of the spider be determined?

Depending on the species, but usually it is about 2-2.5 cm in body length. For smaller species, earlier (1.5-2cm DC)

12. After receiving the package, the spider stays in one place? Is this normal behavior?
After unpacking the spider, it's best to give it some time to acclimate. When, for example, after a night the spider is still very depressed - contact us.

13. Are glass terrariums available in the store?
At the moment we do not offer glass terrariums

14. How many days after molting can I feed the spider?
In the case of small spiders (L2-L4) we give food after about 5 days, in the case of larger ones after about 7-10 days

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